Tech for Anti-Financial Crime.

We are combining the power of decentralised identity and 'human in the loop AI' to connect data owners with the systems and businesses that need ongoing access to data.

With these key challenges in mind, we are building something new.

Beyond advice

Anti-Financial Crime programs rarely fail due to the lack of a well-written policy or lack of advice. In our experience, anti-financial crime programs fail due to poor execution. Great execution relies on the right design, availability/access to the data needed, enabling technology and the right human infrastructure.

Client Fabric Tech offers



Technical skills

We serve leaders and teams across all levels to help address design, data and execution challenges which are critical to build and run an effective anti-financial crime program.

Client fabric is the interwoven set of capabilities to engage, enable and empower clients.


We are combining the power of 'decentralised identity' and 'human in the loop of AI' to meet the data and analytical needs of existing anti-financial crime technology.


Design has a significant impact on the effectiveness of anti-financial crime (AFC) programs, on client and employee experience. We are using decades of lessons learnt from running global anti-financial crime programs to make design a critical part of everything we build.

Technical skills

We are investing in the creation of a community of skilled professionals via our “Certified Due Diligence Professionals” (CDDPs) program.We need engaged, enabled and empowered data owners to achieve effectiveness and we need skilled professionals with verifiable skills and credentials to foster trust in data owners.

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