Tech for Anti-Financial Crime.

While the industry’s commitment to fighting financial crime can’t be denied and the annual spend exceeds $200 billion, the ROI is low. It is our experience that the controls currently in place negatively impact business, clients and the teams serving them.

With these key challenges in mind, we’ve started something new.

Beyond advice

Anti-Financial Crime programs rarely fail due to the lack of a well written policy or lack of advice. In our experience AFC programs fail due to poor execution. Great execution relies on the right design, availability / access to the data needed and the skilled professionals needed to execute well so at Client Fabric, we go beyond advice and help clients with the right design, data and enable them to execute well.

Client Fabric Tech offers



Technical skills

We serve leaders and teams across all levels to help address design, data and execution challenges which are critical to build and run an effective anti-financial crime program.

Client fabric is the interwoven set of capabilities to serve clients and businesses.


We are building a platform (Web X tech including Decentralised Identity + AI) to manage the complex challenge of managing the end-to-end process of sourcing, skilling / upskilling  and deploying skilled professionals with the verified skills and credentials needed to serve businesses, clients.

Web X = fit for purpose tech irrespective of whether it is Web 2, 3, 5 or otherwise with the single objective of achieving effectiveness, sustainability and quality.


A risk based approach to fighting financial crime does not lend itself well to a checklist based approach. 

We help businesses design anti-financial crime operations, with an agile approach to achieving effectiveness, sustainability and quality.

Our design services would especially benefit those organisations that rely on outsourced vendor partners.

Technical skills

We are investing in the creation of a global network of “Certified Due Diligence Professionals” (CDDPs) to serve both clients and businesses.

Clients can ask for and businesses can assign CDDPs with the assurance that verifiable skills and credentials provide.

CDDPs will be beholden to standards that we have come to expect of other similar professionals that we place reliance on.

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