CDDP (Certified Due Diligence Professionals)

A community of skilled professionals + AI Copilots.

Verifiable skills are critical to achieving effective outcomes.

Fight crime and access economic opportunities

Verifiable skills help foster trust in people and businesses.

Trust fuels commerce.

Given financial crime costs lives and disrupts commerce, shouldn’t we ensure the people who serve our clients have the verifiable skills and credentials needed?

The current approach to anti-financial crime due diligence involves deploying people which is ineffective, expensive, error-prone and causes poor client and employee experience. Recent developments in AI capabilities mean there is a real opportunity for due diligence professionals to partner with AI Copilots to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

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“Battling the forces of dark money has never been more important. CDDP is a key enabler that will help us turn the tide.”

Ray Blake, The Dark Money Files

Our Anti-Financial Crime efforts need the same professional standards that we have all come to expect from other professionals we rely on.

CDDPs benefit clients

When dealing with CDDPs, clients have the assurance that they are dealing with a professional who has the verified skills and credentials needed to train AI models, handle your data, review your transactions and serve you well.

When dealing with businesses who want your information,It pays to ask, do you employ CDDPs?

CDDPs benefit businesses

Businesses will now have access to skilled professionals who have the verifiable skills and credentials needed to work with AI Copilots and serve clients. Investing in CDDPs improves ROI, retention, overall effectiveness, sustainability and quality.

When hiring for your teams or outsourced teams. It pays to hire CDDPs?

CDDPs benefit the community

The financial crime pandemic has been and continues to cost the communities we live in significantly more than Covid. We survived Covid for several reasons but none more so than the access we had to trained front-line workers. Financial crime fuels some of the worst crimes against humanity and access to skilled professionals benefits us all.

It pays to invest in CDDPs.

Being a CDDP benefits all

Irrespective of whether you seek a career in anti-financial crime, already work in anti-financial crime, currently serve clients as a lawyer, accountant, tax consultant, financial planner or similar, it pays to acquire the verifiable skills and credentials needed to serve clients and businesses.

It pays to be a CDDP

AFC Elements

All the building blocks needed to understand the why, the what and the how of anti-financial crime. Critical for everyone dealing with fiat and or crypto assets and a pre-condition for all CDDP aspirants.

Delivery and criteria - digital, self-paced, open to all and launching soon.

The CDDP Program

The practical skills needed to conduct effective anti-financial crime due diligence i.e, Client Due Diligence, Enhanced Client Due Diligence and Ongoing Due Diligence across all roles including technology.

Delivery and Criteria - hybrid, by invitation only and live now.

CDDP T3 Program

Train the trainer program for experienced professionals keen to contribute to the CDDP Program, the ongoing development and support of CDDPs.

Delivery and Criteria - hybrid, by invitation only and launching soon.

AFC Bootcamp

Tailored upskilling focussed on achieving the outcomes businesses seek. Bootcamps can be tailored to benefit teams across all levels and covers CDD/KYC, ECDD, Transaction Monitoring, Screening, and Periodic Reviews.

Delivery and Criteria - hybrid, by invitation only and launching soon.

The CDDP Program - Powered by ‘The Dark Money Files’

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