Our Approach

We are taking a first principles approach.

How can we solve the complex challenge of financial crime that so directly impacts and requires involvement from clients and those that serve them, without actually engaging clients? Our first principles thinking includes the below and is continuously evolving as we respond to the ever-changing world of crime and commerce. This enables us to think outside traditional approaches to solving this complex problem.

Start with clients and those who serve them

The effectiveness of an anti-financial crime program depends on the active participation of clients. Client participation, as we have learnt from other similar endeavours, relies on clients having access to skilled professionals they can trust.

Verifiable credentials and skills critical to foster trust

Verifiable credentials and skills are critical to fostering 'Trust' in clients, businesses and stakeholders including regulators. Trust fuels everything and the Client Fabric ecosystem will combine the technology and the skilled professionals with verifiable skills needed to enable the adoption of 'verifiable credentials'.

Crime and commerce never stand still

Financial crime, commerce, and client expectations are all continuously evolving and so does the data+skills needed to fight financial crime, fuel commerce and meet client expectations.

Our vision

Build an ecosystem that empowers, and enables clients and businesses to effectively fight financial crime and fuel commerce.

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